If you've ever used a PC, then there's a good possibility that you have come across a petty annoyance known as 'runtime error 5' while trying to execute a program. These pesky runtime errors go from 5, up to triple digits. The worst part about this is that going forward to assume that we have seen the worst windows has to throw at us, would be a very erroneous assumption indeed. They all have several features as well as procedures of solving them. Now, that might involve you going all tech support on your P.C, but there's a way for you to not end up making things worse than they were when you started.

Now I know most of you who know what it is, are eager to jump into the juicy details of how to fix this nerve-racking error, but, let's carry everyone along. I'll start by explaining what exactly this runtime error is, as well as its causes so when you see that 'invalid procedure call or argument' message, you'll know what you're dealing with. For Windows 95, the problem arises due to the Quality Analyst system within the operating system. A common cause is when this system is 'lost' and not mapped to any drive, so Windows cannot find it and load it.

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runtime error

One may also encounter this runtime error when one tries to load Internet Explorer. The browser crashes afterwards. Now, while most tech heads go the complex route and point out to the Visual Basics files some of these programs use and bad entries in the registry, it can be solved rather easily. As it turns out, the problems are all rooted within the registry of the Windows operating software. Mind-blowing right?

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