What are IP Addresses And Why Everyone Has One

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical value assigned to every single computer, printer, router or any other electronic device that is a component of a TCP/IP based network. Access 192.168.l.254 web address, this address is unique to a single node in the entire network. IP addresses are a fundamental part of any network; a network cannot exist without it.

Since IP addresses are logical in nature, they are also mutable. Think of an IP address the way you would think of your PO Box number. It identifies a single node from the network so that the other nodes can communicate with it. Forex: Admin Login Username and password is a private IP address; one of a bunch of other IP addresses reserved for a private network. An IP address is divided into two parts:

The network identifier; this specifies which part of the network this address belongs to.

The host part specifies within the network where the address is located.

Taking our previous example, where 192.168.1 identifies the network while 254 points to the host.

Importance of an IP address:

An IP address is of singular importance as it is the most significant component that binds together the internet. If you were to send a parcel to your friend, you would require the specific address of his house. IP addresses work in a similar way over the World Wide Web. Other computers on the network use DNS (Domain Name System) to locate the hostname and figure out its IP address.

The types of IP addresses:

Given below are the two different types of IP addresses:

Private IP addresses:

These IP addresses are used inside your personal network. This address is used by your router to communicate with your computer or by your computer to send commands to your printer and so on. These addresses are automatically generated and allocated by your router however it can be manually manufactured as well.

Public IP addresses:

This address is assigned by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and allows your devices to communicate with the ISP which in turn enables your devices to exchange information with other networked devices all over the world i.e. the internet. This provides a way for devices to remotely access data, send information directly to other laptops etc.

IP addresses can be static or dynamic i.e. respectively they can remain the same or they can change.

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