An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical value assigned to every single computer, printer, router or any other electronic device that is a component of a TCP/IP based network. This address is unique to a single node in the entire network. IP addresses are a fundamental part of any network; a network cannot exist without it.

Since IP addresses are logical in nature, they are also mutable. Think of an IP address the way you would think of your PO Box number. It identifies a single node from the network so that the other nodes can communicate with it. Forex: Admin Login Username and password is a private IP address; one of a bunch of other IP addresses reserved for a private network. An IP address is divided into two parts:

The network identifier; this specifies which part of the network this address belongs to.

The host part specifies within the network where the address is located.

Taking our previous example, where 192.168.1 identifies the network while 254 points to the host.


Picture it, it's your friend's birthday/wedding/graduation and you have no idea what to get them as a gift. You want to get them something special and so you think and ponder, but nothing stands out. Finally, you settle on a run-of-the-mill gift and go present it to them, wondering if your friendship is strong enough to survive this affront. Horrible right? Well, fear not random reader, we have compiled a list of 20 anytime gifts that will tug at those heart strings and also last forever. Your days of trying to decide between a pack of colourful socks and a pack of plain socks are over.

We will start off with the thoughtful gifts:

Bartender Kit.

This one has the distinct quality of working in your favour as well. Watch your man do his impression of a bartender and whip you up his 'signature cocktail'.

Personalized Gift Cards

This is especially wonderful for exchange between parents and kids. Sure it's kinda lazy, but it's thoughtful. Be creative with it.

Memory Capsule

A picture of your first day in high school, a picture of Oscar, your first pet, a picture of that time you went to Disney world with your family and ice cream came out of your nose, all in a memory capsule. We rest our case.

Quality Time

Yeah yeah, you have responsibilities, we know. But sometimes, simply making time out to spend with that loved one is enough to show them just how much you cherish them.

Technology Lessons

We know right, 'What's this?' But hey, we're certain your grandparents will value the time you'll spend bringing them up to speed with technology. They'll be the better for it. We can't say the same about your sanity, however.

RFID wallets

Calm down, we know you've already gotten him like eighty wallets. You probably haven't gotten him an RFID wallet thought. This wallet protects him from undue card data theft. He'll be genuinely grateful, trust us.

birthday/Wedding/Graduation Gifts

Personalized Letter

Just think about it. You sift through the pile of toys and gadgets and see a thoughtfully, beautifully written personalized letter. Doesn't that just hit you 'in the feels'? This is particularly nice for family members like grandparents and grandchildren.

Balance Board

So, say your man likes to keep fit, and he also likes to have fun while doing it. Well, voila! The perfect gift. You're welcome.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

Get your man this piece of technology and watch him go on about how he's the 'god of sprinklers' as they bow to his will.


Please, we all know ladies love their jewellery, you ought to have seen this one coming. You can't fail with tasteful jewellery, custom-made or not.

Character Apron

No, it's not sexist. Aprons are genuinely useful protective clothing. A character apron just adds extra pizzazz to an already lovely gift.

Tea set

So your partner loves her tea yeah? Lovely, just get her a good tea set. When she has company over, they'll have something to sip out of while they gossip. Thank us later.


Scarves are truly underrated as ideal gifts. Surprise your lady with a tasteful scarf that she will treasure for a truly long time.


In the hierarchy of things women love, handbags rank in the top three. A fashionable, durable handbag will be treasured for a long time.

Custom Pendants

Get that special person a custom pendant and afford them the ability to carry a photo of you close to their heart for a long time. Personalized jewellery is awesome.

Picture Mug

Photo mugs are just so silly and fun. Imagine giving them a collection of picture mugs with pictures of people closest to them. Wow, right in the feels.


Custom-made keychains are just really thoughtful. Plus, everyone uses them. Keychains, we mean.


These can easily be personalized with photos. They'll love you every second of the day. it conclude with other custom gift ideas for general.


Get into a lot of adventures with that friend? Well, make them a photo memory map, highlighting your shared adventures.


For this one, you don't have to splurge on the price as there are very affordable yet durable timepieces you can get him to spice up his total look. You can't go wrong with a good watch, except, for some reason, he can't tell time.

That's all folks. With this simple guide, you're more than ready to go into the world as a newly reborn, awesome gift giver. You're very welcome.

Advancing Scope of Technology

Without a doubt, entertainment has been greatly improved by its ability to be broadcast over great distances, aiding convenience. That being said however, with ever advancing scope of technology, broadcasting is gradually being given a run for its money by new developments such as video playback and recording equipment. These days one is less likely to spend a lot of time watching shows shown via networks and more likely to simply watch the recorded versions. Technology has given us the option of missing shows and watching them later at our convenience, rather than having to wait for re-runs, since they can just be recorded.

In that same vein, one needs to take a look at the internet. The concept of the internet is all too familiar with most people round the world. Through various means of streaming, and downloading, one can watch and get songs, videos, as well as other forms of entertainment, and a lot of times, even for free. Content downloaded off the internet can be stored in computers and other devices and revisited at convenience.

Efficiency of Information and Entertainment


The internet has increased efficiency of information and entertainment spread as most times, one can even get pieces of information long before they are broadcast off the networks. Aside from this, it also provides information on a wide array of interests bordering on almost anything one can think off, from sports, to fashion and even games.


Furthermore, all this is done at a very impressive speed which only adds a feather to the metaphorical plumage. In this modern day and society, arts and entertainment have attained a behemoth level of importance in the day to day activities of our lives. Technological advancements such as the internet have given the concept of entertainment a more informal, familiar outlook.


These days, one need not just be a viewer, but can actively participate in the entertainment of the populace via the internet. With further advancements in technology, one would be right to state that the future of arts and entertainment is indeed bright.


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